Why You Need a Chase Kind Universal Pouch in Your Life

Sure, you’ve got this far in life without a universal pouch from Chase Kind. So, why do you need one now, exactly?

Well, to start with, our Universal Pouch isn’t like any other bag out there. Stylish, modern and compact, our Universal Pouch will keep your essentials organised. It’s simple. Minimal. Practical. And so, so easy to take with you anywhere and everywhere you go.

The internal mesh pocket and zipped compartment inside the Universal Pouch are perfectly sized to hold the essentials, like your credit cards, keys, phone, etc. The wristlet strap allows you to keep your hands free so you can always have your important things close at hand.

All of our Universal Pouches have a silver zipper and are water resistant inside and out. If you happen to spill something on it, don’t worry! It will easily wipe clean. Our Universal Pouch is made out of vegan-friendly faux leather.

Take Your Universal Pouch Everywhere You Go

Our Universal Pouch is small enough to pack inside a larger bag, yet large enough to use on its own. Use it to organise your everyday needs.

Here are some of our favourite places to take the Universal Pouch.

1. The gym

Hauling your big bag around the gym is a pain, but you need somewhere to put your keys, cards, headphones and phone. Our Universal Pouch is the perfect size to carry to the gym with you because it’s big enough to hold all your essentials yet compact enough to easily carry with you or store in a locker while you’re working out. Store inside a large gym bag to keep your valuables safe and dry or use it on it's own when you just need a few essentials.  

2. Yoga and fitness classes

If your studio doesn’t have a locker room, or you want to keep your valuables on you, the Universal Pouch is your perfect solution. Keep all your important essentials handy without carrying around a bulky bag.

3. Traveling

When you’re on a plane, you need some items but don’t necessarily want to store your carry-on in the seat in front of you. The Universal Pouch is perfect for keeping all of your essentials with you so you can maximize your leg room.

4. The beach and pool

Protect your essentials from the water and sand with the Universal Pouch, with it's water resistant material inside and out. Perfectly sized to store your room keys, card, cash and sunnies. Take to the pool bar or to lunch to keep your valuables close. All you need to worry about is what cocktail to have next... 

5. Walking the dog

Don’t take your whole handbag with you on your next walk! The Universal Pouch is easy to grab so you can have your keys and phone with you and still have free hands to walk your dog. Use the zipped pocket for doggy bags or treats. 

6. Running errands

Keep your Universal Pouch stocked with your essentials so you can grab it as you head out the door to run errands. The wristlet strap design makes it simple to keep with you and frees you up to handle shopping bags, takeaway, and anything else you might pick up while you’re out.

7. Inside your baby changing bag

The Universal Pouch is a lifesaver for busy mums who want to keep their essentials separated from their baby’s items. If you have a friend who is a mum or is about to become one, the Universal Pouch makes a great gift! She’ll love the practicality of it, along with the chic design.

The Universal Pouch makes a great gift for the new mum, fitness fanatic, or jet setter in your life! 

All orders are wrapped in complimentary gift wrapping with an inspirational gift card inside. Our packaging is all responsibly sourced and our mailer boxes are both recycled and recyclable!

Our Universal Pouches are currently available in black and pink. We’ll have limited edition colours and designs coming soon, so stay connected with us to find out when they are released!

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