5 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

Updated: Jul 31, 2020


Breathing/Panic Attacks:

Take the time to simply stop and breathe.

Go outside or close your eyes.

Think of how nothing matters apart from slowing your breathing in this moment.

Remind yourself that no physical harm can happen to you from this.

Slow your breaths until you can feel your heartbeat calm.

Learn from what helps you take control back.


Get Mindful:

Mindfulness is seeing things with fresh eyes!

Appreciate and focus on things that you wouldn't usually.

An example...zoom in on something in nature and ask yourself questions about it. Get in touch with yourself and why it draws you in.

Take the time to capture the beauty around you (there is always something!)

Be completely present in that moment. Enjoy the challenge of thinking of nothing else.

Feel yourself let go of what was unnerving you at that time.


Challenge Your Thoughts:

Easier said than done, but it's crucial to start doing this.

Choose a negative thought that's making you anxious. Write it down on paper or on your phone and question this thought similarly to these examples: 

"Is there any evidence that contradicts this?" (there usually is!)

"How will I feel about this in 6 months time?"

"What are the costs or benefits of thinking this way?"

"Is being anxious serving me any purpose?" TIP: The answer is always NO.

Look over your answers and try to come up with more rational'll find yourself squashing your future worries quicker!



Simple but effective. Feeling stressed out? Walk it off. Sweat it out!

Doing something physical releases cortisol which helps manage stress.

It also releases feel good hormones that make you feel better in yourself and give you more energy.

Studies show that doing regular exercise can reduce the likelihood of experiencing a bout of depression...and sleep problems.



Music is a very powerful tool that can instantly lift your mood.

Studies show that listening to music can reduce stress and anxiety by up to 65%.

It's even been known to help physical pain (which sometimes can be caused by anxiety and depression.)

Put on upbeat songs and feel empowered by the surge of motivation and positivity it can bring. 

Whether it's on a speaker or your headphones, lose yourself in the moment and let go of your surroundings.

Good Luck! X

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